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Narutox Kushinax Harem They say curiosity killed the cat. Or was that cat just so curious about death, that it actually wanted to meet it? What if Akeno wasn't alone when she was kicked out of her home? It was a slave collar, a leash to a master that caused nothing but pain.Cursed with life eternal, a dimension-hopping shinobi finds his way to the Marvel universe...and, the Avengers. When Jiraiya found a way to remove it, Anko jumped at the chance. AU Naru Anko Rated M for Language, possible lemons. And now, he will show this new team their message.naruto sobrevivio y gano la guerra a un alto precio, el mundo que conoce se ha ido y condenado a caminar para siempre encara el futuro sin saber que sera una pieza clave para el destino de muchas vidas porque de nuevo el niño de la pofesia luchara Sona and Rias had once another childhood friend.

But what happens when he finds an answer to that question in the form of a young heiress. *Naruto nearly died at Final Valley, but Fate still wants him alive.Narux Miux Renx Kisax Shigu A retry at my old story Road to peace. Being transported by Kaguya Naruto realizes that people can't all live in peace by just words.He may have failed his world but he'd bring peace to this one. Op Naruto, Rinnegan Naruto"Suffering builds character," Jiraiya once told him during one of their conversations.After checking up on a strange rift in space and time, Naruto ended up in a foreign land where new allies and enemies await. He vanishes after a failed mission to fight for glory and women in the Land of Earth.However, his wish to bring peace to his home still resonated..he will do everything he can to return home, no matter what! Four years later his village is in desperate need of his return.

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Follow our favourite knucklehead on his road to become the ultimate bridge to peace. With that he will forge his own way, his own destiny where no fate can bind him to imaginary strings. After searching for a long time, the infinite dragon god finally found someone who can help her to regain back her home. Even though he can be quite unpredictable at times. Sent to another world by forces he cannot comprehend, born before the fall of the Satans. In the Quest for Power one must be ready for all that the quest entails.

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