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Other rules determined who was permitted to trade in shares, or how much a building society could lend to house buyers.On a world scale, two vast nuclear armed camps competed for dominance, with eastern Europe under a communist system that looked as if it would last forever. British politics in the 1980s were also unique in the UK in that they were dominated throughout by one person.After United signed goalkeeper Edwin van der Sar, however, Howard went out on loan to Everton to play more first-team soccer, and eventually signed permanently with them in February 2007.

Only one book, from the vast number written by journalists and servicemen in the south Atlantic at the time, has found its way into Stewart's footnotes and bibliography.Hurling petrol bombs at the police would have been a serious escalation of picket-line violence indeed.Had it happened, it would have been in the interests of government ministers to say so but when a Home Office minister, Earl Caithness, was questioned in Parliament on 26 January 1987, the answer recorded in Hansard was clear enough – "No petrol bombs as such were thrown."Stewart is not a "popular" historian.It was an eventful decade, open to wildly different interpretations.Graham Stewart, official historian of The Times and author of a gripping account of the rivalry between the Churchill and Chamberlain families, is the first in what will doubtless be a line of professional historians seeking to get to grips with the period.

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He does not mention Simon Weston, whose disfigured face has become the single most familiar image from that conflict.

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