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With the access code, you either haven’t changed it, or you have, but you’ve either changed it to a code that you know they’re likely to guess, or you keep dropping hints making it easy for them to figure it out.

Maybe you send texts saying that you miss them or that you’re really hurting and finding it hard to move on and they get an idea of which ‘buttons’ to press.

Boots is to start using tracking technology to identify when a customer enters its shops to send them special offers to their mobile phone.

The retailer will know when a certain shopper walks through its doors and push out personalised promotional text messages based on their previous purchases.

The beauty and pharmacy retailer insisted it would launch the scheme ‘gently’ and would not bombard customers with unwanted offers.

But the move could raise privacy fears, especially if people find their phones pinging with deals which could hint at what they have previously bought from the shop.

Boots knows exactly what you have been buying because previous purchases are recorded via its loyalty Advantage Card.

By closing the door, you signal that the privileges that they’ve enjoyed in on your own behaviour, which may have detracted from you.Could you find yourself receiving offers as you stand at a bus stop just outside the doors?.‘The technology is already there for retailers to do this – it is coming – so as consumers we have to make a decision about whether we want it.’It comes as Worldpay’s annual consumer behaviour report revealed that retailers can now ‘use location technology in smart phones to know when shoppers are visiting their stores’.But over half of under 21s preferred self-service payment.It’s as fun to laugh at yesterday’s futurism as it is sobering, for today’s futurism may also become the butt of jokes.

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It is thought customers would have to opt in to receive alerts to their phone.