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The program drove social conversation around the film, which was amplified via high-impact media and takeovers. Irish Whiskey’s 50 State Irish Pub Tour in March of 2015, Playboy developed an exciting consumer promotion that encouraged fans to share their Tribe of True Characters Instagram photos for a chance to win a trip to the Playboy Mansion.In partnership with Hornitos, Playboy did something that had never been done in the 63 year history of the brand: developed a custom, multidisciplinary content franchise themed to Hornitos’ “Not Just Any” brand messaging across Playboy’s print, digital, social, video and event platforms. The program was complemented by a variety of digital, event and social activations.developed a branded content program featuring custom videos and editorial to support Dewar’s 15 year Limited Edition Scotch.The program organically integrated key brand messaging and product placement.Behind the Run, Selfie, Repeat posts , her messages of facing your fears and pushing yourself not only resonated with other women but also began to inspire them."It really wasn't until three years after I started running that I actually realized how warped my body image was, and I launched the #Sports Bra Squad because I was tired of looking in the mirror and feeling ashamed of the body staring back at me," Kelly said.

Playboy and Showtime joined forces for a custom marketing program designed to drive awareness and social chatter around the Season 1 premiere of DICE.Use it as a rough guideline of where your pet's weight should be.Here’s an easy way to tell if your dog is overweight or underweight: Use your hands to try to feel their ribs.Despite being called hippo in school, Kelly never thought she was overweight — just "unconventionally skinny." However, after her younger brother unexpectedly passed from acute alcohol poisoning at 16 years old, Kelly quickly gained over 75 pounds and realized that instead of extreme diets, she needed to focus on getting healthy."I'd look at before and after pictures and feel a tidal wave of shame and regret because I knew that I'd never get my life back," Kelly told POPSUGAR. It took another three months before I decided to fight for my life back." Kelly began running, and her first mile gradually progressed to her first race, where her joke of "hottie hunting" and taking selfies at each mile marker went viral.

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Through this social-media movement, Kelly is encouraging her followers to embrace their bodies' strength and proudly work out in their sports bras.