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Kajira for dating

He was a Gorean Master and His sense of how things should be and what i was to be as His kajira was clear, yet there was so much more to learn, a need for flexibility as His needs would change over time and i soon learnt that it was impossible to learn a long list of rules as His needs and lifestyle were so different from my first Master, something that i could only learn through practice and His guidance, Master.i had erred in the early days through O/our Internet communications, feeling His dominance over me as i received my very first punishment, Master.

my trust in Master grew strong as i knew that He would never hurt me and really cared for my well-being and development as His kajira, Master.

If anyone tries to order you to give out personal information, please report it!

• Slaves are to defer to the free and obey all reasonable commands.

Some are players, losers, predators or just plain clueless.

Regardless of what they are or aren't though, that doesn't give a slave license to step out of line unless said slave is in actual physical danger of some kind.

W/we started off developing a friendship and my kajirahood across the Internet, getting to know each other and discovering how much W/we had in common, Master.Since this is a chat room, there is no way a slave is ever going to be in danger of anything but a bruised ego, which is good for slaves on occasion, so there is no cause for a slave to be impolite here.. Some pointers for maintaining your proper place when dealing with a difficult situation: - Always continue to address them properly. - Apologize and beg forgiveness *even if you are not in the wrong* ...Remember - you are apologizing for being displeasing, not for doing whatever it is you are accused of!i became an active member of His household, a family member, and His desire to share, care, nurture and guide me as i grew under His rod (His rule and dominance), beneath which i served, brought me to the point where His pleasure with my service and pleasing Him allowed me to become His full kajira, a permanent fixture in the household, Master.The day i passed through my probation was the happiest day up to that point, Master.

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