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Mcrypt decode online dating

Free service to encrypt and decrypt your text message, using AES encryption (with PBKDF2, CBC block and random IV).

Implemented in Javascript, works in your browser, use without sending your sensitive information to our servers.

It's more than enough, it could take billions of years for a Brute Force attack to find a password to decrypt original message. You even can disconnect from the internet after opening this page, and encrypt being completely offline.

If you have a modern browser all encryption/description will be done in browser, on your computer. So you'll be sure that we don't have a copy of your data or password.

If your server is not totally under your control it’s impossible to ensure key security so you may want to think carefully before using it for anything that requires high security, like storing credit card numbers.

To take maximum advantage of the encryption algorithm, your key should be 32 characters in length (256 bits).

To save your key to your application/config/config.php, open the file and set: It’s important for you to know that the encoded messages the encryption function generates will be approximately 2.6 times longer than the original message.

all of these return the same result $return Value = crypt('My String Started', 'Fixed'); $return Value = crypt('My String Finished', 'Fixed'); $return Value = crypt('My String Started', 'Filtered'); $return Value = crypt('My String Finished', 'Filtered'); Basicly it only "encripts" the first 5 chars of the string with the first 2 of the salt...Enables you to re-encode data that was originally encrypted with Code Igniter 1.x to be compatible with the Encrypt library in Code Igniter 2.x.It is only necessary to use this method if you have encrypted data stored permanently such as in a file or database and are on a server that supports Mcrypt.Keep this information in mind when selecting your data storage mechanism.Cookies, for example, can only hold 4K of information.

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My solution was: When i using this function i find some problem, with adding additional binary symbols in decode message.

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