My friend is dating another guy

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My friend is dating another guy

Having loaded the final truck alone, I agreed with Emily.When my ex and I were alone in the cab of the truck, he yelled at me until I broke down in tears. I understand he’s an ex for a reason, and shame on me for bringing him around (I was completely caught off guard by his greed).In exchange you’ve received valuable electronics, camping supplies, and cash.I am horrified and astonished that you are still asking for more.

If you feel like you must say something before doing so, try: “I asked you to help a grieving widow sort through her husband’s possessions.

So i grabbed his sack opened the bander and pushed his nuts through the rubber bands .

They where actually really hard to gt both balls in through the rubber bands.

So i got dressed and went out to try to buy something i could cut them off .

well he came for the last time because at this time i realized i had no way of cutting the bands off .

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I was playing around with the cattle bander the other night with some guy in baggy pants . only 1 hour , I guess i should not of stopped at the hotel bar an the way back and have a drank .

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