Nakin free webcam

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Nakin free webcam

I changed the name of my show to The Frank Nora show, and the whole thing grew by leaps and bounds in April 2010. But, as 2010 wore on, once again it became clear that things were cooling.

By the Fall of 2010, 1 was struggling to find new ways to structure things so that we could warm things up again.

Listenership was increasing, and the Podcast Expo in California later that year was very exciting.

However, the whole podcasting phenomenon cooled off in 2006 - especially for independent podcasters like myself.

I kept doing The Overnightscape, but with less of a sense of direction.

The Podcast Expo a year later in 2006 was quite depressing for me, and I stopped the daily format of The Overnightscape, returning to a weekly format.

In early 2007, 1 set forth on a new project - ABM Show, with my old college buddy Mad Mike.

By early September 2009, 1 decided I should put and end to The Overnightscape and The Rampler, in order to focus on The Rampler on WFMU.

Unfortunately, after 16 weeks, WFMU cancelled my show.

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Return of The Overnightscape After two years, The Overnightscape is back.

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