Nispo tinder dating site

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Nispo tinder dating site

l*aul Fd^ay, i MD^iaic pro* dii EEr of dkc Fc H^d Fonailadoii^s Oiqcul MS, [or whirh Bryimcr 9tam4 in sfi Dwc jwd dirertrcl a Unnl^ can chami Ihc ht U oyt cif tnimcn. "I've tienrd f J t Jitrerem nijrit^.'* .«itd one, "and tliey" nil rainc fmm Ytil," llrrr follows thtt bitat vi^ioii: Brynnrr ivns bom in Sakhalin, a lurar i'iatid nlf the eiiasi of Sibnia. The gipsies used tn hang out in a «iloon near the Cirque d'Hiver — the fsmoos indoor circtu — wtiirh wu i! Strindbem, djid I'iran- ch'llo, as well as French and Rus^n rlasucs. If your score h 40 o Lviuu^ly you're beautiful, practical, consdderato, ismart, ' and eco' About your husbu MBtl 11. Do you know his size in collars^ socks, and rihi MM? Would yt Jii stiiy on at a party when you kftcw be was tired snd wanted to go home? 30-4n, "'"''c «lf- indulgent, spend more time on hope your husband ailiuirts you as yourself, and let (he chores go hang (or mtich as We do. But renicnibet, when il comes lo •mptovememt 10 20, are you, perhaps, the a new hairstyle and burnt potatoes, it's Tpe who tendi to lei the little (Kings potatoes your husband will potiee fir^i. i^ifi CM^ L I F I into your hair ihrnunh yu Mr fin Hi'm — it all ^iitb rlahx Into yattr hajr* rnrniiiix ■■ nitlllun anil Pnm. Wucari Hoir-Oniloit ire on the nub-eommillve for (he Black Bn H Whitf^ B«W» M^hjch it STTongirtg n danpe III the Pitklfnirlc Clab nit Sepif^mbrr IB. "^Wlico wc tnoved to a hjome ot mir own, my mother-in-law would insult me in front ol ray friends. But I feet now that I jusl won't write to her or see her agaiit. i Bd is kind to me, hnt he can^t stand up to hln mother. He used to come to ih* Httdki far dim-tly frtm ihr T, wearing KIs 'Kin? thf nij^htcluh «imit, is nnr nf his paj Kiam^ and thpy al- ways lofjitlhnr wbrnever thfly are in tic sarnf? Yu J joined them a* an unpaid appreniire and for the next WT/eral yean tbey taught him not only aciittff httt how to he a itagie- hand, wjj^aker, w-enc painter, car- penter, co-^ume desigmer, electrician^ flyman, propetty boiider, and taa^ manager. Do you go through his dothei every month or sn to check on minor repairs? If I bought any- thing new ft H- the home 1 was accused of wasting my bus- baud's hard-eamed umncy. Her word for him law, and his policy ts to do anything to avoid trouble. Banil ttt^ ftf partil f6i Lest rib e«n bp in my guod nrdrr ir it pre CHf CE tm Mh Ur,^ , Q , Bep So Atm md mgtni wlr Uicmi m f Tl 1^ I'eo^e nuy tiff In It 0 U Urtnkffr vhow tasd mi for brt Lliic tl It't ■«! Gloria Morgan Vander- bilt, and her palemal aiiitt, the wealthy Mrs, Gertm^c Vanderbilt Whitney. At IT, the timid girl made her firsi bid for marital bap- pines by mnnitsg oil with Pat Dl Cicco. Analhff page of sietcheii and nsodd •haws' ihr decciratiinis thai trill be used ii Mci bourn* isirerli, and we a Ian fealure culo pbuio^Ta]^ of Auxiralian xwimme TTk, | • Our Nccdlewort Dcpartntent is offer ^ inp a special Oivmpic transfer to marl ^ thp year of the Oiiim(:! It Inc Juiiea Oiympi E dymbo U and Aus Tralutn motifs which are ca^j ^ irmicti , on to pockft; scaivcs, and handtn-- Hi rhrcfs. f M«»h nnn Kl your Itwtb ^eu « Ut Mni nth Tilr Id Aimtnuui ra-^i Bed uil i&DAcf., Hi. Fnal court battle for her lustody between hfjr widowed mother, Mrs. ae^ depicted the moihcr as devolmg herself exclusively lo her own gay pleainires, and dallying with a series of men while her daughter pined ftvr lov^j and found oidy the affection of a hired nurse.

Tkg itm' of the tragic exfred Uion, pitied logelher from fnlrigs in Scott's di^ry, Imh been an mspuration in carnage to i OUti Uess mm and women eve T sinec. Fan f of tin' pagr TS arc in culor and Lbc) jndllde ! Jjj EBUTANTE Margaret Srfaubaeh wore a moi^t miimial stnle when she wa% preienled to laeiit.^Gciietal K. In iiiccfssipn, Gloria's hu S- twmb h^ve be^n tivice her diree times her age, and just ter age.

C^aptain Scatt and iv^ coiifp4tiiio QS perished on the joumo" bact to their base. that he should have withheld it, thougfi he added: "I yield to no one in ray adiriira- uon of Scott and the wav he and bis men dkd." Ot\f London paptr, rtportin R the speech, said thai he had "destroyed the . 7'Ar Sfott legend a M live on because, itf inspiration does not depend on suteeis. Nex] vicvi we tflkp a pri-l Jiniruirt Jnnli st di Olympit Ganir» in a seven-pagr junction. Kneeht leni formerly Fay Copptrtnit, and the it etjdinl Ai T famtiy at Raae Ray a/irr an abt&nn A of three yetut. Marj^arel'i stole was of white sili, and tin it her tjrandmnther had painted tolorfiil hush flowers. A Mc Kern in Boenr's agent, whom she wed hastily in 1941 It the age of 17, and aged randurtor Leopold Stakow- ■b, by wiwm she had two torn.

When Scott and a party of four reached the South Pole on Janiu Lt 18, 1912, they loiind tka L a rival expedition led by the Norwegian Amundsea had ar- rive a month earlier. was addressing Scienlisi;;, whost mlmk should be suf- ficieti Lly deju- lo sqjaratr coumgc from suites.'.. A Amvim Uai\ from 17 Pmit Otm II the moat Ke^A m J]Aar« kh« tm -or t J3* Hiiifi (! ]%ext week: • From now on the Auiicralian spoil light will be focus»] on Mdboumc. Play- abduls and Co-ordinates are rfic wnes you wnuld buy. And here ihey are in the shops of Australia — rc»dy to give you the "look of elegance" thai all wimen admire. Scintiilatinf; New Beach Fashions — incltidinf; the liinic look . Mc Keim, "but cve*y Mc Kern in ihr wwrld U re- lated.

t cut him off in the aidiile of his fif Ui paragraph. lu E Aus TBiit An VVo MEM s Weekli - Sepieuibcr 1^, I'JStj 6, and Christopher, 4. Cer- laicdy it n-asn't Siokowski, She and Frankic both in- ulated ihcy were meretjf "good Iriends." Steadily Gloria kept the welfare of her sons in mind.

Son," 1 said, "my advi™ is to get your appticatio D in 'srly- Yuij'll makf a gotid ffial lawysr, Ynu Ve "i E'^ificrnl caparily for iiidigniitimi." Now I suppose tbflt sounds cryptic and S(i Jonionpj«|uc, but wltiw you ^Ri the. Betty had jtist come in, and she was ^omerhin K to improve anv day. One reason she left Slokowski, she said last year, was that she t'ouidn i make with him the home she wanted toi her children, .•\lways she has been ex- plicit that she never wanted them to know the loneliness and noxiciy of her own diild- hood.

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Captain Seoti, im said, mas wsak on ofgaiurafwn, psychoiogy, and en Aitiarc- lic irave Uing techniques. Sir Raymond, prtsidi-m of die British Affiociiation of the Advanrcmcnl o f Stlicnce and a former Vitc-Chancelior of Melbourne Umvcrsitv. THIS WEEK'S CROSSWORD ACROSS • ll(:nibr.r of Lhe cor- lupo Bdliz B KClittf at la ■ mtn twrtk- Bwd ■ ti Tf l Ei . In this imiu- Yvoni," Auli0 ti^lls the story of Wayne'j hir Ui, iclfviitj for a mrdiral audience al Critwn Stfeel Ifn J pitai, . Both Vvmuic and irtafi photo, t^pher Ron Berg rated liu^ ajaienment ms or of the most dniimitir \bey have cict liail Rc hai taken many bahy pjrtiirf.s in bit limr, b* wl- di.if\k Ihj LL die ntie iiir il the already knew all the wbdom ihai life br abm to (rarh them. t BEAUTIFUL CLOTHES Ult BUated is "Sundance", one of Catalina's fashion-leading, lop-! If j-ou went shopping in Ametica right mow, Catalina Swimraits. ITie Mc Keml came originally from Scotland, but migrated alter the battle nf Cullodi-ii, Family tree "JTS a luntiy tiling," said Mr.

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