Serbo kroatisch lernen online dating

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Serbo kroatisch lernen online dating

So haben Sie den Reisewortschatz in Serbien immer griffbereit!

The German-Croatian online dictionary cro has been published in 2006 by Jurica Romic being the first online dictionary for these two languages.

cro does not only translate individual words, but also German or Croatian phrases and typical sentences or questions.

For example, phrases like "Merry Christmas" or short questions like "How are you? Since the last complete revision of cro, there is another service available that is not limited to the languages German, English, and Croatian, but can be used for all other languages as well: flashcards.

In order for cro to maintain our high standards, each proposed translation is reviewed by native speakers before adding them to the German-Croatian dictionary.Das kroatische Alphabet Deutsch Kroatisches Wörterbuch. Online Kroatisch lernen Kroatisch kostenlos online lernen. Without proper rendering support, you may see question marks, boxes, or other symbols instead of Unicode characters.The flashcards can be created and saved individually for any language.The flashcards at cro can easily be created and are expandable infinitely.

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We will review the reported error and the new translation and then modify them if necessary.