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Sex guide camera inside

Porn makes it look like the longer hang time you have, it ends up being orgasm after screaming orgasm for her until she melts into a golden puddle of afterglow and post-coital cigarettes.

In reality, slamming away for twenty or thirty minutes without pause is going to end up with her being dryer than Death Valley and leave her feeling like a car’s engine after someone tried to drive through the Mojave desert after draining all the oil somewhere around Barstow.

After all, why bother actually talking to somebody when you can try to solve the problem with placebos and “supplements” being hawked on late night television and delivered confidentially to your spam filter?

“Yes sir, this right here is made from the finest black market Chinese Viagra knockoffs and unverified ingredients, guaranteed to put lead in your pencil, a spring in your step and make women everywhere admire your crotch.

By desperately trying to distract yourself from how good everything feels, you’re only re-emphasizing just how freaked out you are…It’s woefully inadequate and does absolutely nothing to address misconceptions about sexual pleasure, virility or potency. Every single aspect, from the positions to the fake orgasms to the full body waxing to the money shots, is all about what looks best on the camera and gets the viewer off quicker.As a result: the vast majority of our education in sex comes from porn. Unfortunately, the ubiquity of porn and the lack of means that we absorb all the wrong lessons from it.Expecting your sex life to mirror porn in anything but the basic tab-a-goes-into-slot-b mechanics is going to be setting yourself up for disappointment and an unsatisfying love life.The old idea that you can delay your orgasm by thinking of something unerotic – your parents doing the Lambada, Mitch Mc Connell, running down the multiplication tables – is actually a mistake that a lot of guys make.

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Too many men simply jackhammer away as though they were trying to break through concrete; it may feel great (to you) but it’s also going to end up training your penis to ejaculate as quickly as possible through the constant, repetitive sensation.

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