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The problem is there isn’t really an affordable long-term visa option available for foreigners under 50.

Since the beginning of 2017 the visa situation has only become more difficult, with some saying that the good old days when you could practically live in Thailand on back-to-back tourist visas or 30-day border runs have ultimately come to an end. Because not only have immigration limited the number of “border runs” or visa-exempt entries via a land border you can do to just two entries per calendar year.

All travelers are responsible to check if a visa is required for all countries on their itinerary. This active program covers a good amount of ground each day.There also seems to be a crackdown underway on foreigners with “too many” tourist visanoreplace stickers in their passport …Read more Since Pattaya’s “discovery” by U. soldiers in the 1960s and its rapid transformation from a virtually unknown fishing village to one of Thailand’s most popular destinations, Pattaya has gone through some significant changes but always remained loyal to its “ Funtown” image.Read more Having said that Pattaya has revamped its image significantly in recent years and is surely on its way to establish itself also as a “family-friendly” destination – Pattaya’s notorious nightlife and red-light districts are certainly still the city’s main attraction.In fact, Walking Street – Pattaya’s prime entertainment zone – has developed to some kind of tourist attraction in its own right in recent years.

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While Pattaya’s “adult entertainment industry” certainly still plays a major role in attracting tourists to the city, more and more couples and families, many from emerging source markets, have discovered Pattaya recently as their new favourite destination – and this with good reason.

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