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UFO Files is an American television series that was produced from 2004 to 2007 for The History Channel.

The program covers the phenomena of unidentified flying and submerged objects, close encounters with alleged extraterrestrial life, and alleged military and government cover-up conspiracies.

During the Confederations Cup this summer, the FSB foiled an attack on a high speed train between Moscow and St Petersburg, say reports.

An alleged jihadist cell aimed to crash two Sapsan express trains with a combined speed of 186 mph, close to St Petersburg on 27 July.

Hundreds of Russian fans have been barred from games covering the 2018 tournament.

Those hit by recent court bans are named and shamed on a list published by the Interior Ministry.

Truman – Majestic 12, which is said to be responsible for the recovery, storage and analysis of UFO technology. A look at mankind's fascination of the possible life on Mars and fear of alien invasion – starting with the 1896 book The War of the Worlds by H. Wells, to the 1938 radio broadcast by Orson Welles that panicked millions, to what spawned a little-known invasion panic in upstate New York in 1968.

An investigation into the activity surrounding the top secret facility in Nevada known as Area 51 – looking into its history in developing advanced military aircraft and rumors it is reverse engineering alien spacecraft.

A delve into the bizarre reports of cattle mutilation - the alleged surgically precise slaughter of livestock through unexplained means and the rumors aliens or a secret military operation could be responsible.

The Federal Security Service (FSB) said it had already thwarted attacks planned on this summer's Confederations Cup, seen as dry-run for next summer.

Among the anti-terror measures personally approved by President Vladimir Putin are restrictions in sales of arms, explosives, poisons in the regions where the World Cup is player, ban on drones near stadiums and registering the identities of all ticket-holders in advance.

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English fans are told by the FSB that they are 'welcome' to Russia, but a no-nonsense warning makes clear that hooliganism will not be tolerated, with a range of strict new punishments including expulsion and strengthened custodial sentences of up to seven years to be served in the country's grim penal colonies.

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