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Another popular hashtag, #takewallstreet, ranked 83rd and 35th, respectively.

It’s not all PR bliss online for the cause, however.

The whole nature of activism is being transformed by technology from the mainstream to outliers.

For the many twentysomethings involved in these web-fomented protests, Facebook and Twitter are their Tahrir Square.

There are several websites with some connection to #occupywallstreet, but not necessarily to each other, such as Adbusters, NYC General Assembly, The US Day of Rage, several Facebook pages for both the New York event and gatherings in other cities, along with a roster of heartbreaking personal stories on the Tumblr blog We Are The 99 Percent.

Take the Square tracks the global wave of recent occupations, such as those in Cairo, Portugal, Tel Aviv, and Madrid.

Many protestors cited demonstrations in Egypt–and their use of social media to jump-start a revolution–as an inspiration.

“This couldn’t have happened without Tahrir Square,” said a Rutgers student named Annalee (few protestors would give their last names).

“I was there a week before, and I knew something was up.

The distributed nature of the Occupy Wall Street protest fits the web’s distributed, but cross-linked, networks.

The Twitter hashtag affiliated with this protest, #occupywallstreet, according to analysis by Statweestics ranked 55th on Twitter for the week, and 27th today (Monday).

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