Tuboids online dating

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The goal of the game is to open all of the cells as quickly as possible while trying not to be stung by a bee.

If you can connect/match more then 3 eggs you will get a special easter-egg-bomb. With 4 horizontal eggs, it will clear all 9 jewels around itself, with 5 horizontal stones, it will clear the whole row/column, after activation.

Each bee produces honey, therefore yellow "honey" rises in the neighboring opened cells around the bee.

Each cell contains as much honey as the number of bees around it.

The more you can connect this way, the higher your score will be.

Furthermore, there are special rewards if you connect more then 3 easter eggs.

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The queen bee feeds on honey, so all five cells under the queen don't have yellow "honey", even though the bees can be sitting around."Cut and Shine Each level requires you to help a Sunflower to find the way out of dead block condition.