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Updating xbox 360 software

The disconnect sound is not heard when this happens.

I am forced to plug out my mouse and replug it into my USB port that is available in the front.

If you are looking to setup a clean, fresh install of Cronus Pro – always run this first.Along with the new Cronus PRO there are also new versions of our official plugins (X-AIM, MAX Mapper, MAX Combo and MAX Rec).Max REC can now loop your recorded commands as many times as you wish and X-AIM now includes support for X-Input Devices and rumble. At random times, my PC would disconnect my keyboard and mouse.Both of the ones I own have red LEDs on them and flash when this occurs.

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Only sometimes does it reconnect and I'm able to save the work/game I was doing at the time but others, it doesn't connect at all.

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